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Who kidnapped the empress?

New manhwa in February!!! Already updated!!!!

If you guys want a strong and intelligent female lead, welcome!


Roselin is a very kind empress who always sacrificed herself for the country. She speaks 6 languages fluently, she is the greatest diplomatist,… She helps her husband to make the country stronger. But in the end, all she gets back is a treacherous husband.

Roselin’s husband – a useless emperor who is cheating on her, killed her relatives, subordinates, and even her father and mother. Then he abandoned Roselin on a mountain under a snowstorm.

When she was almost dead under the cold snowy sky, Roselin met Tamon Krasis – the general of the opposing faction. He kidnapped Roselin.

“Now you’re mine, empress.”

<3 Now we got a super hot male lead <3

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