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[Trophy Husband – UPCOMING MANHWA]

Expected release date: February 26, 2023


It’s been 10 years since I moved to another dimension. I became the strongest person who conquered the continent and I am leading a happy snobby life, but the prince of the conquered country came to me and proposed.
At first, I thought it was not worth paying attention to, but this prince said with a charming smile:

“If you marry me, I’ll return your heart.”

Crazy, how did you know I lost my heart? Serena, whose only flaw is that she has no heart in a rich Munchkin protagonist life.

“That wasn’t the first name you told me.”

The story of her marriage to the prince, a ruse full of secrets and charms, and leaving to find her lost heart.

“I’ve been so miserable while you’ve forgotten your heart. You should know that!”

Who the hell are you?

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Author: 세르페

Associated Names:
Trophy Husband
트로피 허즈번드
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