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The Wicked Girl Makes a Splendid Debut


One life where she was born a noble princess but abandoned by her fiance and betrayed by her family.

“I won’t be kind anymore, I’m going to live more splendidly than anyone else. Even if that’s what evil women do.”

After the return, the prelude to revenge was to kneel in front of my cheating fiance.

But before long,

“Princess! There are so many gold bars that the royal bank is short of storage!”
“Princess! All countries are clamoring to serve you!”
“Princess! Oh, my God, the emperor of the empire has come himself!”

The world kneels before Erdela.


“I will gladly be your slave, princess.”

One day, the prince of the empire, called the greatest gem maniac, claimed to be her slave.

“Your acting is pretty good.”’

She thought what he said was a joke, so she tried to keep it in tune.

But why is it starting to get bigger?

‘Why do you keep staying in my sight when I eat, sleep, and even wash up!?’ Erdela, who couldn’t stand it, asked.

“What is the reason for this?” Aren’t you the prince of the empire?”

“What do you mean prince, princess?” I’m just a slave to the princess. So we have to stay together to avoid you being in danger.”

She thinks she met an all-time acting genius.

Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Expected release date: January 16, 2023
Associated Names:
The evil girl makes her debut in a glamorously.
악녀는 화려하게 데뷔한다
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