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The Tainted Half – How This Series Ends

The ending of the series <The Tainted Half>


We have an introduction to this beautiful and unique series for those who are new to this:


Two brothers. One concubine.
Seolha’s face was disfigured by her mother, who sought to deny the emperor his prize: the most beautiful concubine in the world. Now forced to endure a lifetime of abuse, Seolha can only pin her hopes on Muon, the emperor’s twin brother. But is he really someone she can trust?

Female Lead:

Seon Seol-ha (20)

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Beautiful things become poison. So she suffered burns to half of her face as a child. She quietly waits until she is old enough to leave the imperial palace.

She has the ability to heal others’ wounds just by letting them drink her blood, with the fact that Seol Ha was the only one who inherited the heavenly maiden’s enchanted blood.

Male Lead: 

King Yeom/Muon (24)

Don't mind me, I'm just simping over this fine man [Source: The Tainted Half]  : r/manhwagood heavens he is so 😩 manhwa: the tainted half : r/mangago

The emperor’s twin brother. He has been wandering the battlefield since fifteen. A sarcastic and unpredictable man.

Supporting characters:

The emperor

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Taeseo is a small nation in the east. Long ago, a maiden of the heavens descended to the land below and fell in love with a mortal. Their children who inherited their mother’s beauty made their home in the realm of mankind and came to be known as the Yul People.

Their unearthly beauty, on the other hand, proved to be more of a curse than a blessing. They were ravaged by greedy humans, and their numbers drastically declined.

The last surviving daughter of the Yul, the female lead, was summoned by the emperor to wait and serve at his pleasure.

And so begins the tragic story of the last remaining Yul.

10 years later.

‘It won’t be long until I can finally leave the palace’ said Seol Ha.

The female lead was waiting patiently until the next spring, when she could finally be free.

That was when the male lead, Prince Muon, returned from the war.

‘Whenever the prince visits, the winds of death sweep through the imperial palace’ said her maid.

Not long after that, the emperor summoned Seol Ha to the palace, just to tease and make fun of her appearance.

‘It never fails to amuse me, that bizarre face of yours’

‘An embarrassment to us all’

Just in time when the emperor let her leave, the male lead, Prince Muon, who just returned from the war, was on his way to meet his twin brother, the emperor.

‘Please, you first, my lady’ – his ever first word to the love of his life.

‘The pain must have been excruciating. You’re brave’ – those gentle words of his were a flower blooming in the barren land she was living in.

And that was their first met.



A broodmare to continue the line of the Yul people,

A half-marred abomination,

The Tainted Half of her face left her utterly desolate.

‘We’re going to perish’

‘I know’

An expected turn of fortune.

‘Which is why we must survive together’

She loathed the cruel sun for showering its burning light on her already aching scar.

It sought to torment her, so she sought refuge in the night.

And there, in the obscure darkness, she discovered a coldness, a desperation, a ruthlessness that eclipsed the sun itself.

Her very own moon, which shone only for her.

‘My beloved moon, 

Had we ever met, 

Would our fate have been any different?’

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