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The Heroine Wants to Make Me her Sister-In-Law



This is the world of an R-19 novel based on Little Red Riding Hood, this time with the girl who eats the Wolf. The problem is, that the wolf is my younger brother. I hid deep in the forest so Red Riding Hood wouldn’t find us. The goal is to escape safely to the human world!

And then one day, I found a little girl collapsed in the snow-covered forest. I couldn’t just pretend I didn’t see her. I brought her home, thinking I could treat her. But who would have thought that the little girl was Little Red Riding Hood!

“I don’t remember anything.”

Worse, this little girl lost her memory temporarily due to an accident!

“I like you the best in this world!”

I was afraid of death, but I couldn’t drive the sick kid away coldly, so I took good care of her. I hope she won’t forget her gratitude, even if she gets her memory back later. But this kid–

“What’s your ideal type?”

“I like tall, handsome, and broad-shouldered men.”

“A handsome man? How handsome?”

This little girl seems to have a lot of curiosity about me. But why do her eyes shine when I talk about my ideal type? Am I wrong?

Genre: Fantasy, Romance.

Author: Chae Yoohwa/채유화

Expected release date: January 20, 2023

Asociated Names:

The Heroine has Her Eyes on Me as Her Brother’s Wife

The Female Lead Turn Me into Her New Sister

여주인공이 나를 새언니로 점찍었다

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