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The East Wind of The Altas

“Wait. I will become a nightmare and visit your night.”

Margrave of the Empire, valiant brown lion, master of the famous sword Askaron. And the owner of Znebu, the land of the Altas Mountains that borders the empire and touches the sky.

‘Marquis Friedrich Morenheights of Baltic Hallstein.’

To save the lives of a woman and two children he had never seen before, he had to cut off his horse’s legs and thrust a sword through his throat.

“Bring the father of the children. I will ask him for the price of the horse’s life.”
“I don’t have an ex-husband.”

Blue eyes resembling a quiet spring in a deep mountain came to Balt.

“Anything a woman’s body can repay… I’ll do it.”
“Anything?” Balt, a man, embraces Claire, a widow and mother of three

With only confusion and instinct left behind. But that night, he discovers that he is her first man.

“Confess immediately why you lied to me.”

“Leave me alone. Because I don’t want anything.”

“What are you really afraid of?” An east wind filled with the cool air of Altas blew through Znebu, the beginning of spring.

“Are you afraid I won’t be able to make you the Marquise? Or, are you really going to make it that way?”

A woman is so blue that she can’t be thrown away and never abandoned.

A cruel fate that is difficult to fathom begins in front of the two.
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Author: 개스켈
Expected release date: January 29, 2023
Associated Names:
알타스의 동풍
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