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The Chubby Female Lead is Popular



A worldly beauty.
It was a word explaining Crepe, the female lead of <I Want To Be Ugly For Just One Day>. So I ate too much dessert just to gain weight.

“You gained weight.” Said my little brother who would betray my family.

“No, why would you say that? Our Crepe is already incredibly beautiful!” The eldest brother, who will die when I’m 10, said.

A plump cheek, a bulging belly, and plump forearms. But it doesn’t really matter.

I will correct the original content of this novel, I will change the future and win happiness!

But at that time I didn’t know.
The fact that this life is a novel written by God for fun anyway.

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Author: 크림맛소다
Expected release date: January 21, 2023
Associated Names:
포동포동한 여주는 인기가 없나요
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