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Sweet Home

Sweet Home is a series written by author Kim Carnby and drawn by Hwang Yeong Chan.

They are the people who made the work of Bastard.
The story revolves around a high school student – Cha HyunSoo, an autistic person. He hates society, often locks himself in his room to play games and doesn’t even go to school anymore.
After a tragic accident that claimed his entire family, HyunSoo was left alone with little money from his parents.

After that, he immediately sold the house, moved to a small apartment to live until “suicide day”. But only after starting to live in the new apartment building. He realizes that there are scary creatures out there and haunts him.
If Bastard is a high-horror drama story. Then with Sweet Home, the two authors did a great job of creating a story about people fighting against the dead.
The plot of Sweet Home gives viewers the drama in each frame, making the viewer startle with each scrolling phase because they are too scared.

Author: Kim Carnby
Artist: Hwang Yeong Chan
Genre: Adult – Drama – Fantasy – Horror – Manhwa – Mature – Psychological – Sci-fi – Slice of Life – Tragedy – Webtoon

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