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Surely a Happy Ending

Surely a Happy Ending

Yeon-Woo’s husband died the day they ended their sham marriage. Yeon-Woo, who is swept in sorrow, is given a chance to return 100 days back in time! As she struggles to prevent the death of her husband Seon-Jae, their ‘real’ marriage has only just begun. This is the story of a late budding romance, faced with danger and a life at stake.

The love story is a genre of stories that make readers passionately read with so many emotions, even admiring the heroine in the story being pampered by the person they love to the fullest. Love language is the kind of story that makes people flutter every time they read it.
Loving someone is difficult, but keeping that love is a more difficult and complicated matter. But for those who always know how to pamper the person they love, it becomes so simple for them.
Romantic story tells the love story of a rich man and a strong girl. well worth watching.
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