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Spoiler Jujutsu Kaisen chap 151

Spoiler Jujutsu Kaisen chap 151: “Cosplay” One Punch Man, Maki defeats Naoya!

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jujutsu kaisen 151

The match between Maki and Naoya begins. Without spending too much time, Naoya easily gained the upper hand. Maki retreated to her defense and watched because she didn’t know what Naoya’s spell was. Moreover, she was also tired after fighting dozens of curse masters.

While fighting, Naoya “attacks with his mouth” with sayings like “Maki is too much like Toji”. This made Maki extremely angry. Still, she tried to stay calm.

Naoya continuously moves at high speed and attacks Maki. Maki suddenly dropped her weapon. She took a stance like a sumo fighter, preparing to counterattack. It seems that Maki now has the complete Heavenly Demon Spell like Toji so she is slowly keeping up with Naoya’s pace.

spoiler jujutsu kaisen 151
After a while of arguing, Maki realized her chance. She hugged Naoya and then unleashed the secret technique of “one punch to kill” to defeat the opponent. The confrontation is over. The story of the Zenin family also ends here.

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