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Solo Leveling is about the journey of Sung Jin Woo.
He was a weak E-rank hunter who went on quests in low-rank dungeons to earn money. After entering a D rank cave, he and his teammates encountered a double dungeon and from there many unexpected things happened.
The plot starts out quite similar to many other “mutant” series.
Solo Leveling is written very elaborately, meticulously and carefully. However, the only minus point so far is that Solo Leveling doesn’t have a romantic element, although there are many pink shadows appearing next to Sung Jin Woo.

Perhaps this minus point will be removed later when the female characters have more acting ground. At the present time, Solo Leveling is still in the top of the most popular webtoons in Korea as well as in the world.
The manga’s creator is considering working with studios to release an anime version and a game based on the Solo Leveling novel.

Author: Jang Sung Lak

Genre: Action – Adventure – Shounen – Color Story – Webtoon


10 years ago, after the “Gate” connecting the real world with the monster world was opened.
Some ordinary people have received the power to hunt monsters in the Gate. They are called “Hunters”. However, not all Hunters are strong.
Without any skills to show off, I barely earned the required amount by fighting in low-level dungeons…
I tried my hand at the highest difficulty in D rank dungeons! Finally, when I thought I would give up, I suddenly received a strange power. A quest log that only I can see, a secret to leveling up that only I know! If I train in accordance with my quest and hunt monsters, my level will increase.

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