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One Piece: Yonko Kaido and the pain in Wano country, fighting with girls and soldiers betraying

Yonko Kaido is alone carrying the entire Beast gang when there is so much pain around him.

Start the battle of Wano with the title of the strongest creature in the world, the one who commits suicide does not die or the undefeatable Yonko. However, up to the present time, Kaido is suffering a lot of pain from the people in the Beast gang. Let’s take a look at Kaido’s pain up to the present time!

Girl wants to hit

Kaido can be a sadist but he always has a special interest in his daughter. Despite knowing that Yamato idolized Oden and wanted to be a boy, Kaido indulged his daughter. Knowing that Yamato wants to rebel and hate him, Kaido always finds a way to turn her into Wano’s new shogun. As a father, perhaps Kaido also just wants Yamato to obey him and benefit from what he is doing.

One Piece: The Yonko Kaido and the pain in Wano country, the daughter demanded to be beaten, the soldiers betrayed – Photo 2.

But not only helping the rebels, most recently in One Piece chapter 1016, Yamato also announced that she would go out to sea with Luffy and before that she would join the Straw Hat captain “kicking” Kaido out of Wano. Perhaps for Kaido, this will upset him the most and of course this Yamato daughter needs to be “taught” and receive a proper lesson.

The soldiers who ate the smile fruit betrayed

Try to create a powerful pirate crew with all members possessing artificial Zoan Devil Fruits. Kaido contacted Doflamingo and asked him to supply artificial Zoan Devil Fruits for his crew. It is this that creates a powerful Beasts crew and the ability to endure battles among the best in One Piece. However, now that the results of this have not been shown, many Pleasures and Waiters have switched sides, tamed by Otama, “seduced” by Chopper and turned against Kaido.

One Piece: The Yonko Kaido and the pain in Wano country, the daughter wants to fight, the soldier betrays – Photo 3.

The member with the ability to transmit information is used to make the soldiers rebel

Bao Huang is a special member and is very much cared for by Kaido. This girl has the ability to transmit messages to different places in Devil’s Island. Planning to use Bao Huang to announce Luffy and Momonosuke’s defeat, but this “disciple” disappointed Kaido. Not only accidentally announced the defeat of two sisters Tobi Roppo Ulti and Page One, but Bao Huang was also arrested by Usopp. Bao Huang was then used by Tama to spread her voice in Marys throughout Devil’s Island. So instead of helping Kaido, Bao Huang once again accidentally abets the rebels.

One Piece: The Yonko Kaido and the pain in Wano country, the daughter wants to fight, the soldier betrays – Photo 4.

I don’t know if it’s because he’s too strong, but Kaido is being “squished” by the members of the Beast gang. From the rebellious son to the traitor soldiers and the disciple who was used to spread messages, I wonder what Kaido will do to win this Wano battle?

What do you think about Kaido and this Yonko’s fate in the battle of Wano? Please leave your comments on this matter!

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