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One Piece: When girls “leave home for boys

One Piece: When girls “leave home for boys”, Kaido uses even the strongest hybrid form to “teach” Yamato

Kaido is really not funny anymore when he uses the strongest hybrid form to be able to “teach” the son Yamato wants to go with Luffy to sea.

One Piece chapter 1016 witnessed Yamato clashing with Kaido. It seems that the daughter of this Yonko has made her decision, Yamato will sail with Luffy after successfully opening the Wano Kingdom. To do this, Yamato also announced that he would join Luffy to “kick” his father Kaido out of this country.

In response to his daughter’s “sincerity” and wish to “leave home for a boy”, Kaido used his strongest hybrid form to confront Yamato. This partly shows that Kaido will not hold back even if his opponent is his only daughter. Immediately One Piece fans expressed their opinion as to why Kaido used the web form the most to confront Yamato.

What do you guys think about the fact that Yamato is being “taught” by Kaido with the strongest hybrid form because he wants to “leave home for a guy”? Please leave your comments on this matter!

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