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One Piece chap 1016 spoiler prediction: Yamato transforms into a 1vs1 solo tiger with Kaido!

One Piece chapter 1016 spoiler prediction, chapter 1015 summary: Finally, Yamato meets Kaido. True to the saying “Dragon vs Tiger”, Yamato will transform and solo with Kaido for the sake of Oden idol!
Summary of One Piece Chapter 1015
one piece 1015

Title One Piece chapter 1015: Chains – Chains.

The chapter opens with the allies’ reactions to Luffy’s failure to defeat Kaido. The samurai were the most bewildered. They didn’t know whether to continue fighting in vain. They were also worried about Momonosuke, not knowing how the boy was.

In another development, Chopper is still struggling to fight Queen. Queen was very happy because the match with Chopper was like a walk with him (really…lazy). Perospero attacks with a new shower of candy arrows. At this time, Sanji (carrying Zoro) appeared. He attacked both Queen and Perospero!

In a double page, we see Sanji attack the Queen with a new move called “Rotisserie”. Queen’s neck spun around, catching all the arrows from Perospero. The “Queen” then flew away, knocking Big Mom’s son away.

Sanji then hands Zoro over to Chopper while encouraging the reindeer to trust Luffy. The battle we’ve all been waiting for is finally here – “Blonde War” – Sanji VS Queen!

The story then shifts to Kaido and Kinemon. Eating one of Kaido’s mace, Kinemon is still alive. He used his sword to stab Kaido in the leg to stop the Yonko from pursuing Momo. Kaido drew his sword (apparently Kiku’s) and stabbed Kinemon in the back:

It’s time to accept defeat. Die like a samurai.

Momonosuke quickly grabbed Marys toad and informed everyone that Luffy was still alive. The voice that gave the boy a headache in the previous chapter was Luffy’s. He conveys that Luffy will definitely come back and kick Kaido’s ass! Next, we see a scene of the Heart Pirates “rescuing” Luffy.

Momonosuke then runs away from Kaido. Shinobu used Juku Juku no Jutsu to destroy the rocks beneath her feet, causing her and Momo to fall under Kaido’s watch.

In another scene, Zeus is talking to Nami while she is running down the hallway. This homie seems to have escaped Hera and has now “fused” into Nami’s cane. On Kid’s side, Law appeared. He asks Kid to form a temporary alliance to deal with Big Mom.

one piece kaido vs yamato
Returning to Kaido, the Yonko was standing looking down when from the top of Onigashima, Yamato called out loudly:


Kaido replied:

Call me dad, Yamato!

Yamato replied:

I have come to break the chains you have put on me!

One Piece chapter 1015 ends here. Next week there will be a story.

One Piece Chapter 1016 spoiler prediction
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One Piece has been released continuously for several weeks, so Lag predicts that…after next week the story will take a break. So, before taking a break, Oda will surely give readers a “bomb”. Most likely it will be Yamato’s transformation form and Devil Fruit.

Before entering the battle, Kaido and Yamato will have a short dialogue, basically Kaido wants his son to be obedient and Yamato just wants to follow in the footsteps of the idol Oden. Helpless because of his unruly son, Kaido rushes to fight Yamato!

The confrontation of the father and son Kaido surprised the whole island of Onigashima. The Beasts faction was surprised. The samurai side…also surprised but happy. They seem to be more motivated to fight.

In the final story frames, Yamato will transform. There is a high chance that her Devil Fruit will take the form of a tiger because then, we will have a literal “Dragon vs Tiger” match. After Yamato transforms, Onigashima Island is about to land in Huadu too!

One Piece Chapter 1016 Release Time
One Piece is taking a week off. One Piece chapter 1016 is expected to be released on June 13. Spoiler information will be updated by Lag.vn as soon as possible.

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