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My Younger Brother Forces My Flower Path (season 2)


I have a younger brother. A good little brother who does anything for his sister.

The problem is, he doesn’t know the right way.

“Sister, now this is yours.”

What my brother gave me was the crown that was on the tyrant’s head just until yesterday.

“Sister, you said you wanted to be an emperor. I’ll be your knight.”

When did I say that, crazy brother?

So, I became the emperor thanks to my crazy little brother.

I’m doing well because it seems to suit my aptitude.

“Sister! I’ll make the continent kneel under your feet!”

My brother kept raising the scale.

Hey, you crazy bastard, that’s not it…

At this rate, I’m likely to die of overwork even before I become the first emperor to unify the continent.

This can’t be done. I need to find a good worker, no, a husband.

“Eddy, I’m thinking of getting married now.”

“I’ll find the best brother-in-law in the world.”

“No need to be the best in the world, just work well and listen well…”

“I can’t accept a man who’s weaker than me to be sister’s partner. I’ll prepare for a National Tournament!”

You son of a. Listen to me.

The husband who survived the final battle was the Duke of Dehart, the Monster of the North.

He was the second crazy man who dreamed of reunifying the continent with his brother-in-law.

Ha, these bastards are really…

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Author: Heila/하일라
Expected release date: January 19, 2023
Associated Names:
남동생이 꽃길을 강요한다
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  1. Miyono-chan

    So…… She’s the kind of girl we would call delusional… And does she think that her life would have been better here than there? Here is work, work, work, too, so I don’t see why she’s complaining so much. And even if she’s a maid, she’s one at the palace which means that her pay is better than others, she could marry someone working there as well so their future is practically guaranteed, and she could rise in the ranks which means better quarters, more authority and a better pay. Yeah, it’s a far cry of being a professional and what being one would achieve but she should have adapted already: it’s not like humanity have lived the same way we do since old times.
    I’ll give it a chance but, yeah, she should touch grass already