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My Husband Hides His Beauty (season 3)

[My Husband Hides His Beauty will come back this January with the final season, please look forward to it]

Halstead Castle, where devils swarm. Their lord has a secret.

Erden, famous for his hideous appearance, is hiding his face under a mask.

Leticia, who got married to the lord of Halstead Castle instead of her sisters,
They called her “The Woman Married to the Monster.”

There’s a secret people don’t know.

“I’m always grateful to my wife.
She’s so sweet to me who’s hideous…”

“Because I’m Erden’s wife.”

“Get a divorce as soon as possible from all these things.
I need to get you out of here…
I’m sorry, but I think I lost the divorce paper.”

‘I guess so, ’cause I burned it.’

“So the time… I think it will take longer.”

‘I’m going to have to let the rumors run wild among the lawyers.’

Divorce with such a handsome husband.
No, no, no, no!!!

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life
Author: 정연
Expected release date: January 22, 2023
Associated Names:
남편이 미모를 숨김
Some imagines from the last 2 seasons:

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