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Melin’s Salvation Plan

[UPCOMING MANHWA Melin’s Salvation Plan]

Expected release date: February 25, 2023


I possessed Melinia, the first love of male lead candidate A in the harem romance fantasy “Azley’s Glorious Misfortune.”

Are you going to be happy when you’re just a supporting character? A one-time supporting character who dies instead of the male lead candidate A at the age of 10! Even if you’re free from that fate right now, the male lead A’s world will be destroyed because of his unhappy childhood by candidates B and C.

To survive, I have to alter the original a little before they walk on the canon path.

So I rescued the duke’s successor from the nursery. “I won’t be your weakness. Don’t leave me.”

Unleashed the dragon in the pit. “You promised me. You’ll keep me company.”

I actively approached the prince who was confined. “Will you run away from me?”

The plan is a little… wrong?

Genre: Updating

Author: Updating


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