I Raised an Obsessive Servant

I Raised an Obsessive Servant
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    My Ray of Hope Aku Merawat Pelayan Yandere Criei Um Servo Obsessivo Crié a un sirviente obsesivo I Raised an Obsessive Second Male Lead I Raised an Obsessive Servant The Rise of an Obsessive Servant Я вырастила навязчивого слугу เมื่อฉันเลี้ยงพระรองจอมหมกมุ่น 养了个偏执狂男二 养了个偏执男配 把傲嬌男配角帶回家 私を溺愛する2番手男キャラを育てました 집착 서브 남주를 키웠습니다

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    Adaptation - Crime - Horror - Thriller

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“You must save me in the future, just like how I saved you today.” After a hit-and-run accident, I possessed the body of young Yurina Carthia, the villainess of the novel who was brutally murdered by the second male lead. Looking for a way to save myself as Yurina and fumbling to remember the contents of the story, I decided to find the second male lead, the character who will kill Yurina in the future, from the orphanage, sponsor him, and pull him to my side. “Remember, Yurina. I am the only one who can save you or kill you. So you have to stay by my side.” I just wanted to survive, but I raised an obsessive second male lead!
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