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List of 10 mysterious detective manga

List of 10 mysterious detective manga, “brain hack” more than Famous Detective Conan

Not only bringing more creative cases, the following TOP 10 detective manga also have super smart and mature main characters. In this part 2, which super product will we come to?

Psychometrer Eiji

MAL score: 7.46.

What’s scarier than a detective manga with supernatural elements? That is exactly what you will experience when watching Psychometrer Eiji. Spanning 25 volumes, the manga title written by Kibayashi Shin and Masashi Asaki will take us to mysterious cases where the main character – Supernatural Detective Eiji will find the culprit through his dreams.

In addition to a unique protagonist, Psychometrer Eiji also leaves a mark on readers’ hearts through super-memorable villains and mysterious unsolved events. In the opinion of the writer, Psychometrer Eiji is the most attractive name in this article.

Moriarty The Patriot

MAL score: 8.3.

Are you familiar with Sherlock Holmes stories? So try Moriarty The Patriot right away to follow Holmes’ biggest villain – James Moriaty. Just an introduction here, the rest you have to experience the story for yourself to know.

Tantei Gakuen Q

MAL score: 7.78.

After Conan and Kenichi, School Detective Q is probably the most well-known detective manga in Vietnam. Coming to Tantei Gakuen Q, we will follow Renjo Kyuu and his trusted friends as they embark on scary and bizarre cases.


MAL score: 7.79.

Instead of small cases like Kenichi, Kanzaki Yuuya’s Ouroboros is the story of a large case with countless tangles related to a bureaucracy in the state political apparatus. To bring this line to light, Ikuo and Danno – one is a policeman, the other is a yakuza – joins forces to investigate from two opposing halves of society.

Kemono Jihen
MAL score: 7.78.

If you’re bored with the usual detective manga, come to Aimoto Shou’s Kemono Jihen. The story will take us to supernatural cases with the participation of mysterious demons. Are you wondering how the cases will play out? You will see it right away!

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