Home MANGA Kengan Omega chapter 113 spoiler prediction: Nitoku’s past revealed. Liu got up and continued fighting!

Kengan Omega chapter 113 spoiler prediction: Nitoku’s past revealed. Liu got up and continued fighting!

Kengan Omega chapter 113 spoiler prediction

Kengan Omega chapter 113 spoiler prediction, chapter 112 summary: Despite trying to counterattack, Liu still revealed a fatal flaw and was fatally hit by Nitoku to the floor. Is the match over or will Liu stand up again?

Summary of Kengan Omega chapter 112
kengan omega chapter 112
After receiving Liu’s full swing, Nitoku fell backwards. Not letting the opportunity slip away, Liu approached, repeatedly punching and pushing back the opponent. After receiving the “ultimate combo” of the Great Snake, Nitoku collapsed. The Kengan Guild Gladiator has finally fallen to his knees!

The story then continues with a flashback between Naidan and Carlos. Naidan said that Liu is a great fighter. Despite the small body, Dai Snake is still strong enough to make Naidan measure the ground many times during practice.

spoiler kengan omega 112
Back in the match, Nitoku struggled to his feet in pain. The writer once again charged into the pre-emptive attack. Learning from the previous experience, Liu dodged the attack, waiting for an opportunity to counterattack. Both gladiators then vehemently fought back. While arguing, Liu took advantage of Nitoku’s loophole to “bite” a broken left arm of the opponent. The Great Snake begins to dominate!

kengan omega chapter 112
Liu then punched Nitoku in the chin. Gritting his teeth to take the blow, Nitoku turned around and swung his hand at Liu’s head. Liu turned to avoid the blow. Taking advantage of the dead corner, Nitoku hugged Liu tightly and threw him back. A critical “Suplex” phase!

Liu lay flat on the floor. Nitoku stands “reciting poetry”. Kengan Omega chapter 112 ends here!

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Kengan Omega Chapter 113 spoiler prediction
spoiler kengan omega 113
Taking a full blow from Nitoku, Liu could hardly stand up. However, it is possible that Liu was prepared before being knocked down by Nitoku. If so, there’s a good chance he’ll get up again before the referee declares the game over. Both gladiators continued to rush at each other.

Another possible scenario is that Liu took all the damage from the wrestling blow but he still managed to get up. Using a little bit of his last breath, Liu attacked Nitoku. The match lasted at least one more story chapter.

Nitoku’s past has yet to be revealed. Perhaps the writer’s story will be told in the next chapter before the game is over.

Kengan Omega Chapter 113 Release Time
Kengan Omega chapter 113 is expected to be released on June 10. Spoiler information will be updated by teenmanhua.com as soon as possible.

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