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I Tamed the Male Lead Who Would Kill Me


“I sentence Latia Gladellis to death.”

I was sentenced to death for abusing the son of an imperial hero.

When the cold blade touched the nape of my neck, I suddenly realised.
The fact that I was reincarnated as a villain who plagued the male lead’s childhood!

When I wanted to die like in the original, somehow, I returned to the past.
However, the situation is still the worst.

“Don’t delay it. I hate you.”
“Come on now and stop talking nonsense.”

It’s against the law to go back after you’ve already bullied them!

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Author: 슈가자몽
Expected release date: January 26, 2023
Associated Names:
나를 죽일 남주를 길들여버렸다
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