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I really love his bad temper

I really love his bad temper

Twenty-seven-year-old crossed to the Ming Dynasty in a car accident and came back to life as a 14 year-old beggar she stumbled upon two beautiful men, the young master and the young son, who were plotting to find the former crown prince.The poisonous tongue is the yin and yang of Xiaohai’s master, and the gentle son is her” old acquaintance.The true identity of the little beggar is closely related to all previous dynasties, and who is behind everything?The truth was waiting for them to unravel after the fog

Lifetime happiness is when you have a good man by your side.

1. Even though he fell 7 times, on the 8th time the man was still able to get up.

2. When a man grows up, he has three burdens to bear; fame, religion, husband and wife, and children.

3. Men are the force of action, women are the force of attraction.

4. Men can be judged by their risk taking.

5. Men conquer the world to conquer women.


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