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I Just Deal With Villains

“…Some crazy bas**** is standing in front of my house again.”
My house is a jewel shop. And I have a special healing ability, which I feel is more of a curse than a blessing. That’s why someone keeps bringing injured people to my front door.
They were so meddlesome that I treated them while swearing at them. Others wished that I would get along well with them.
“Didn’t you save the assassination leader last time?”
“That person is actually a woman.”
“Oh, what about the vicious loan shark who owns that place worth a billion marks on Second Avenue?”
“Also a woman.”
“What about the person who dropped you off in front of your house with a splendid carriage?”
“She’s a young lady as well.”
On the day when the 6th person came. This was the first time a man came, and a handsome one at that.
“Take it off.”
“What? What? WHAT? Oh … oh, you meant my glasses.”
This man was the final villain of the novel, who had a completely different personality during the day and the night.
During the day, he was simply an innocent and naive young man.
But when night falls…
“Why? You asked me to take it off. What should I take off this time?”
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Shoujo
Author: Moon Sihyun/문시현
Expected release date: January 14, 2023
Associated Names:
I Only Treat Villains
I Only Deal With Villains
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