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I Hired A Fixed Term Husband

[I Hired A Fixed Term Husband – UPCOMING MANHWA]

Expected release date: February 17, 2023


“Yes, buy a husband.”

Sang-ju Sang, ‘unmarried’, ‘common people’, and ‘female’ leading the top ranks of the kingdom.
Carly can’t stand the suitors for fortune
Recruitment of younger fallen nobles as temporary special hires.

He only had his beauty and youth, and his external title was ‘Supreme Master’.
Commonly called husband!

“… … the kid is nice Really, he’s so kind.”
What is this feeling of wanting to do better than just an employment contract?

“It’s the first time you’ve seen me love you. You won’t be the same as me before then.”
A young boy grows up.
At some point, he becomes a young man and sees her with different eyes.

A cool, bubbly woman and a calm, but calming man.
Beginning with a contract, the younger couple and the pleasant people around them are getting closer.
What is the whereabouts of daily life, growth and love?

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Author: 김기온

Associated Names:
I Hired A Fixed Term Husband
I Bought A Fixed Term Husband
상단주 남편 채용의 건
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