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I don’t believe in my twin sister

*Author : 가람달 – Garam Dal
*Expected release date: January 27th, 2023
*Roughly translated: I don’t believe in my twin sister
I am viscountess Lorentia Aztec, the richest woman in the world. I have financial power, beauty and even honor. But my life isn’t happy at all. I found that my younger sister – Erusia pretended to be sick. She’s even colluded with my fiancé to steal my whole property.
At the moment I was giving it all up in pain, regretting believing in those traitors, I turned back to 11 years before I engaged.
I will send them all to hell, both my belief in Ercia and my love for the previous fiancé.
“Listen. From now on, there will be no good sister anymore.”
Being alone in this world, I swear that I will change my fate. First of all, I will cling to the hero of the empire by a contract.
“I’ll solve all the problems that you had to face. Instead, you’re gonna be my fiancé. Grand Duke Verdian.”

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