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I Became the Villain’s Wife

The dainty flower idol Chen Cong Rong unluckily fell into a trap and awoke to a stunning naked man in her bed! Hahaha, is it okay to be with such a beautiful man? Hang on… Are you telling me I’ve switched places with the toxic, evil, and manipulative side character who won’t even survive 20% of the plot?! No, I’m definitely not ready to die!! Watch as I keep on living my ideal life!

I Became the Villain’s Wife

She passed, her husband is the villain of the terrible crime in the game, in the end because he wanted to take over the heroine, the male lead broke the door, extremely tragic.

In addition, in the future, his eldest son will become a boss, the second son plays the evil male character, even the youngest has a cunning mind, an uneducated cannon fodder.

Villain husband: ???

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