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How to Survive as the Devil’s Child


The world has come to an end. Again.
No matter how hard I try to prevent the end of the world with nearly a thousand returns,
I could never change the ending.

I’m tired now. I’m sick and tired of going back.
How old should I go back to this time?
I don’t want to do a regression again.


Wait! What’s with this voice? And these tiny hands?

“Who threw away a baby like this?”

In this life, I’ve gone back to being a baby!
In front of Lucas’ mansion, the mastermind who is destroying the world thousands of times!

Baby what! A baby with no arms or neck!
No, let’s calm down and think for a moment.
This life may be a tremendous opportunity to prevent the world from collapsing while closely monitoring Lucas.

Be on your guard against me, Lucas. I won’t let you destroy this world this time!
I raised my voice and laughed viciously. Ahahahaha!

“Oh, my. This baby has a cute laugh.”


Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy


Expected release date: January 9, 2023

Associated Names:

마왕의 아이로 살아남는 법
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