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How the Devil Proposes

[NEW MANHWA] – How the Devil Proposes
“A life without regrets?” asked the Devil.
To me who lost my fiancé to my brother and was even killed by them.
“Juliana Knox Pen-Illendorf, you did nothing wrong.
I will give you privilege.”
Indeed, will she be able to take revenge with the Devil?
But… she keeps feeling strange while dreaming of revenge with his help.
Why does the Devil help her, and why does the love that she feels for the 1st time in her life keep pouring out?
The head is called suspicious, but the heart is irresistible.
Excuse me, is it okay to drink this sweet……?
Genre: Fantasy, Romance.
Author: 알넘사
Artist: 하점상점
Expected release date: February 3, 2023
Associated Names:
How Massin Proposes
How the Devil Proposes
마신이 청혼하는 방법
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